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Bracket Monitor Desk Stand H80 Cocok untuk 17″ sd 27″

Bracket Monitor Desk Stand H80 Cocok untuk 17″ sd 27″ ■ Fits most 17″ to 27″ displays ■ Support load from 4.4 to 19.8 lbs (2-9 kg). ■ VESA compliant 75×75, 100×100 mm ■ Upright lift distance 10.2 ” (260mm) ■ Rotation 360°   Swivel ±90° ■ Tilt angle +85° to -30° ■ Maximum extension 21.7 ”… selengkapnya

Rp 630.000 Rp 700.000
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Bracket Monitor Meja Monitor Desk Mounts F195A 22″-32″

Model:F195A-B/W Fits screen size 22″-32″   F195A dual screen desktop mount is another perfect and ideal accessory enhance and improve your quality and efficiency of work in both office and home. With the aid of durable gas-strut, enable you to interact with screens by swinging them left, right, lift up and down with full range of… selengkapnya

Rp 1.700.000 Rp 2.000.000
Bracket Meja Monitor Gas Strut Desktop Dual Monitor NBF160 17″-27″

Model:F160 Fit  Most 17″-27″ monitor. F160 desktop dual screens flexi-monitor mount is built-in durable Gas-strut cylinder to enable to move your screens any directions and height at your wish. Allow you to experiencing the best of ecological interface design for the best  viewing position. F160 dual screens desktop lcd mount designed specially for people whom needs multi-screens and… selengkapnya

Rp 900.000 Rp 1.000.000
Tersedia / NBF160
Bracket Monitor Meja Gas Strut Desktop Mount North Bayou NB F100A 22″-35″

Model:F100A Fits screen size 22″-35″ Desktop mount F100A is an ergonomics interactive display bracket that would ease-of-use in display adjustment. Built in with ultra-precision gas-strut, once the weight adjustment is set, F100A will provides viewer positioning his display for maximum ergonomic comfort to relieve eye, neck and back strain. Re-position your display with just a touch…. selengkapnya

Rp 1.090.000 Rp 1.200.000
Tersedia / NBF100A
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Bracket Monitor Meja Gas Strut Desktop Mount: F80 17″-27″

Model : F80 Fit untuk 17 ” -27 ” monitor .       F80 desktop yang flexi- desktop monitor mount built-in tahan lama Gas – strut atau gas spring silinder untuk memungkinkan untuk memindahkan layar Anda setiap arah dan ketinggian di keinginan Anda . Memungkinkan Anda untuk mengalami yang terbaik dari desain antarmuka ekologi untuk posisi… selengkapnya

Rp 475.000 Rp 700.000

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