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Bracket Proyektor Ceiling Projector Mount NBT717-M

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Bracket Proyektor Ceiling Projector Mount NBT717-M

Model: NBT717-M

 Fit  Most Universal Projectors.

NB offers handy, rigid economical industry-leading ceiling projector mounts for ceiling installation that minimize installation time.
Due to the thoughfull in designed, product comes with pre-assemble in plant provides end users with convenient, flexibility and ease of use. 4X Universal round about extension adaptors can fit up to 305mm circular diameter of any current market projectors mounting positions and weight below 25 lbs. (11.4kg) Product design with +- 30°  pitch angles and 180° roll angles. Routing of wires and cables make easy to inside the product seamless body and form part of the integrated cable management system shown a neat and tidy ceiling projector mount after full installation.

Spesifikasi :

NBT717-M■ Universal ceiling projector mount
■ Product height 5.3″ (135mm). Tinggi Produk 13,5 mm
■ Pitch angles +- 30°  and roll angles up to 180°
■ Extension adaptors form a maximun 305mm circular diameter to fit projectors mounting positions. Tinggi Tiang Maksimal dari Diameter Proyektor 30,5 cm
■ Maximun capacity 25lbs (11.4kg)
■ Material : Product built with SPCC material
■ Surface treatment: Powder painting coating finished.
■ Color: White

Fitur :

* Modular designed and pre-assembled in plant help facilitate installer and shorten installation time.
* Universal extension adaptors form a large circular diameter to fit most of the current market projectors mounting positions .
* +-30° broad range of pitch and 180° roll angles enable user to adjsut desired projection direction.
* Maximum load is 25 lbs (11.4 kg) cover most of the exisiting economical projectors.
* Integrated cabale management system .

Downloads :

NBT717-M Technical Parameter.PDF

Bracket Proyektor NBT717-M Bracket Proyektor NBT717-M

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Bracket Proyektor Ceiling Projector Mount NBT717-M

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